Recover Deleted or Lost Photos from Casio EXILIM Digital Camera

Casio EXILIM is one of the revolutionary high-speed photography cameras. This Casio camera provides "TRIPLE ZERO" solution, which helps in increasing photos capturing time and managing blur photos. Its innovative picture processor sets new benchmark in resigning and processing images at very high speed. Casio EXILIM has an all-in-focus function that chooses the areas in focus and joins a sequence of photo shots with diverse focus settings into an impeccable photo. By usage of this advanced function, both the subject in the forefront and people, objects, or sceneries in background are given equal importance.

All the files (photos and videos) that are created on Casio EXILIM are usually saved over on memory card (since internal memory of Casio EXILIM is just 52.2 MB). Sometime pictures that are saved on attached memory card get missing or lost due to variety of reasons. As this kind of data loss happen a very dreadful situation develops for the owner of Casio EXILIM. The best solution way to recover lost images from Casio EXILIM is implementation of Digital Camera Data Recovery software. This software scans Casio EXILIM digital camera card and lists each of the photos in matter of few simple steps. All the photos that are recovered by this software are of the exact same format as it was before (photo deletion or loss). If required, one of the other version of this software i.e., Hard Drive Recovery tool can be employed to get back accidentally deleted partition files from Mac and Windows running computers with great ease.

The relevance of this software is not just lying in the photo recovery from Casio. We can effectively use this software on various models of Sony Cyber-shot cameras to recover deleted photos from sony cybershot camera.

A few of the repeated reasons for photo loss from Casio EXILIM camera are detailed as follows:

Accidental Deletion: We usually deletion photos from memory card Casio EXILIM camera in order to make free space for new pictures. However, if captured images are not deleted with great care then it may result in deletion of important pictures from Casio EXILIM camera memory card. This is the reason why it is always recommended to cross check the files before applying deletion option on them.

Deletion While Previewing: Previewing photo immediately after capturing it is one of the common tendencies among camera users. If you click on delete option while previewing photos on Casio EXILIM camera then it is permanently deleted from respective memory card.

Interruption While File Transfer: After taking number of photos on Casio EXILIM, you need to move it to any storage device (like system hard drive, external hard drive, pen drive, etc.). If while transferring photos (using CUT Paste command) any error happens then it may result in photo loss from memory card of Casio EXILIM. Interruption while file transfer can happen due to varied reasons such as hardware issues, faulty memory card, power failure, etc.

Accidental Formatting: Format option is generally used on different storage devices to reset file system. However, if you accidentally use this option on Casio EXILIM memory card (when Casio EXILIM memory card is attached to system) then severe data loss scenario evolves. Reformatting the memory card of your camera also leads to loss of photos. If you perform accidental reformatting task on your camera memory card, when connected to the system, you do not have to worry anymore, because you can get back pictures from reformatted digital camera memory card with the usage of this software quite easily in few steps.

Improper Ejection: It is always recommended to eject peripheral storage devices with utmost care. However, if you don’t make use of eject option while removing memory card of Casio EXILIM camera then it can result in file system corruption.

Virus Attack: Programs that can make some of the unwanted changes in any file are called as virus. If viruses of high intensity intrude within memory card then it may also cause corruption of file system. Usually viruses infringe in Casio EXILIM camera memory card from connected system.

Using Same Memory Card over Different Gadgets: If you are using single memory card over different electronic gadgets simultaneously, then it’s file system may get corrupted. As this kind of instance happen you may get different error messages while trying to open memory card.

In each of the above detailed scenarios you can recover photos from Casio EXILIM using Digital Camera Data Recovery software in a very easy and effective way. But, to ensure that you recover all deleted or lost photos from SD card in a desired way, few things should be taken care off. A few of such measures are:

  • Stop making use of Casio EXILIM digital camera memory card before recovery of photo is not done
  • Don’t format or reformat your memory card

Some of the additional features of this software are:

  • It can be used to recover photos from Casio EXILIM digital camera memory card in a hassle free manner
  • It can also be used restore files from Kodak camera, Sony camera, Samsung camera, Panasonic camera, Nikon camera, Canon camera, etc.
  • Allows its users to retrieve pictures from Casio EXILIM memory card on basis of file signature. However, this thing must be done before scanning process is triggered on any selected memory card.
  • With the assistance of this software, you can effortlessly retrieve pictures from corrupted digital camera SD card and as well as from formatted SD card.
  • Without any complexity you can make utilize this software on different Windows and Mac operating system versions
  • It helps to recover lost files from digital camera memory card of different brands such as Transcend, Samsung, Moserbaer, HP, etc.

Steps for Recovering Pictures from Casio Exilim Camera:

Step 1: Connect your Casio EXILIM Digital Camera Memory Card to your computer after downloading and installing Digital Camera Data Recovery software on your system. Now, launch this software and click on "Recover Photos" option from the Main Window. From the second window choose "Recover Lost Photos" option to perform photo recovery from Casio EXILIM camera card.

Recover Lost Data from Camera Memory Card - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Among different devices select your Casio EXILIM memory card and click on "Next" option to start scanning process.

Recover Lost Data from Camera Memory Card - Select Digital Camera Memory Card

Fig 2: Select Casio EXILIM Memory Card

Step 3: On completion of scanning process you can view recovered images, as shown in Fig 3.

Recover Lost Data from Camera Memory Card - Preview Recovered Photos

Fig 3: Preview Recovered Photos

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